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Dusty B008 (was: Re: Dusty TRAMs sought)

Calling all antiquarians,

I got two candidate TRAMs for root honors on my old B008 (see definition
below) but can't quite get there. Both (a B419 graphics TRAM with 4MB when
used as general purpose, and a 1MB TRAM with broken external memory) have
a T8, are visible with check|mtest in a non-root position (a little T4
TRAM with 32KB in slot 0), but NOT VISIBLE when in slot 0 where I need
them. The little TRAM is correctly visible but can't even load iskip,
despite the fact that ISKIP.BTL is only 10KB.

I'm concluding that the old B008 (rev E, circa 1987) is unusable. So I'm
now hunting for a new B008 (circa 1990, with software selectable interrupt
and DMA, with PCB number ending in 302-xx, NOT 060-xx). Does anyone have
any knowledge about the vagaries reported above? I need the functioning
B008/TRAM/toolset combination for my analogical development (the executive
summary and white paper are now done), which I intend to carry out come
h*** or high water. I don't want to have to reinvent everything in the
Transputer hardware and the toolset.

On a related subject, does anyone know how to get source for the "occam
compiler in occam" that is mentioned in "Communicating processes and
occam" (INMOS technical note 20, found in Transputer Applications Notebook
- THANKS, Dyke Stiles)? Was there one for occam 2?

Larry Dickson

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Subject: Dusty TRAMs sought
From:    tjoccam@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:    Wed, March 8, 2006 9:56 am
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Hi All,

I need, and am willing to pay a reasonable price for, a TRAM with >= 1MB
memory, so I can run the 1990 toolset on my B008. I may also need a "new"
B008, as the one I found is "old" (060 serial number) and does not
correspond with my B008 manual. It did run check|mtest successfully with 3
little TRAMs.

For anyone who is interested, I can send a first draft white paper on what
this project will be about.

Larry Dickson