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WoTUG Website: All Change??


I'm wondering if it would be good to start work on a new version of
www.wotug.org, the WoTUG Website. There are two drivers for my query: 

The first is that the website is now several years old in its current form,
and so could be thought a bit tired and in need of sprucing up.

The second is that I'm having trouble keeping the php code for the papers
database working happily*, and am wondering if Ruby on Rails** might be a
good way to (re)develop the application. 

I'm writing to you to ask

 - whether you think either or both of these points make sense to you

 - what you'd like to see on the website

 - whether you can offer help developing the website in general

 - whether you have experience of Ruby on Rails and could help with that.

If you are very happy with the site, and don't see any need to change
anything, that is also a useful thing to know, too!



*  I think my current problems are related to upgrading to a php5 server,
but can't find the actual fault :-( However, it is also getting harder to
make changes, and this suggests that the application is reaching its design

** An open source web development framework. See rubyonrails.org