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Re: Benefits of CSP Based Programming Languages


> Somehow the compiler must know how many bytes are arriving.  It has
> knowledge of the protocol type so I presume it would be possible, even
> if at its simplest it just expanded to write the same code for every
> entry in the protocol.  It's just a suggestion though, I don't mean to
> be demanding features ;-)

Yes, this can be done ;).  And it is already done so for two magic PROCs,
DECODE.CHANNEL() and ENCODE.CHANNEL().  These turn regular channel comms
into size/address pairs (extended inputs used to keep address valid),
and back again -- part of the infrastructure used for the "application link
layer" (which I mentioned at CPA-2005) and KRoC.net/pony (Mario's stuff).

The code in the compiler that did the expansion of PROTOCOL definitions
into handling has been superseded by external C (CIF) code that does largely
the same job, but using a binary description of the type dropped by the
compiler (this avoids code-size explosion when expanding really big
protocols).  Having a DEFAULT mechanism for tagged protocol input should
be pretty easy (ish) to implement, and safe (even where protocol inheritance
is involved).  I'll add it to the to-do list, hopefully I can recycle
some of the code already in the compiler  :).


-- Fred

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