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Re: amsterdam compiler kit


> I've just run across the that the Amsterdam Compiler Kit
> (http://tack.sourceforge.net/), a retargetable compiler suite (ala gcc) t=
> hat
> came out of Andy Tanenbaum's Minix project. Apparently it has an occam fr=
> ont
> end. Has anyone here used ACK? Any idea how complete and efficient the oc=
> cam
> implementation is?

Had a look at this the other day.  If I was looking at the right version
(in the CVS tree), most of the compiler occam lang/lib files are 8, 11 or
15 years old and all the examples are occam1.  So it's a bit out of date,
really ;).  Don't know whether it could be leveraged to occam2, 2.1, 2.5 or
3.141..  probably a lot of work..


-- Fred

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