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RE: SystemC as concurrent process language

Yesterday I was reviewing an EC project ARTIST.

There is a special issue on Education of ACM Transactions on Embedded
Computing Systems coming out soon which includes a paper called "Skiing
the embedded systems mountain" and in there the authors had groups of
students set a task and using 3 different C versions - SystemC, SpecC
and HandleC. They make some observations on this.

It is slightly tangential to what you asked, but you might find more
from the paper references.

I cannot give you these as I have only had access to the pre-publication
version. Bruno Bouyssounouse from the ARTIST project can perhaps provide
you with more (he is copied on this email). The ARTIST project can be
found at


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Subject: SystemC as concurrent process language

Does anyone know how SystemC compares to CSP?  Does its underlying model
(based on C++) share the same defects as Java with respect to
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SystemC#Description