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For CPA authors especially: Call for CPA2005 CD-ROM Contents


I will be, in the next couple of days, creating the CD-ROM for CPA2005. It
will contain the PDFs of the papers, and some presentations*.

If you have files or text or programs or photos or other content that is
relevant to the CPA community, especially if you are a CPA2005 author, and
can send it (or a web link) to me by the end of Wednesday, please do so.

I'm happy to include even items of tens of megabytes (as long as it all

Please ensure you have checked the copyright conditions on anything
contributed (i.e. it is your own**, or it is licensed FOSS/GPL/Creative
Commons, or covered under "fair use", or similar).



* For those authors who have sent them to us.
**If your own copyright, please state this.