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CPA 2005 - last call & the Fringe


This is a last call for delegates to CPA 2005 at Eindhoven.  The full
academic programme, including abstracts for all talks and draft timetable,
are now published at:


A link is also provided there to the Preface to the conference proceedings,
which gives some more information about what is happening and what we hope
will happen!

The Sunday/Monday evening Fringe sessions are getting filled - see the
draft timetable on the above URL.  If any other delegates wish to offer
something, please mail me and the conference (cpa2005@xxxxxxxxx) quickly.

We have a very full programme this year: 4 invited talks and 25 accepted
papers.  The invited talks are from:

  H. Peter Hofstee, the CELL processor chief architect at IBM
  Paul Stravers, Senior Scientist at Philips Research Laboratories
  Ad Peeters, CEO of Handshake Solutions
  Guy Broadfoot, Lead Consultant at Verum

Their abstracts are on the page at the above URL.  Here is the registration


Any problems with the registration procedure - please mail Maggy at the
conference address (cpa2005@xxxxxxxxx).

I hope to see as many of you as can make it!  :)

Peter Welch.