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Job Advert: contractor with .NET and CSP experience


The contract I am working on will soon be needing another pair of hands to
take it forward. The requirement is for a good programmer who has done at
least some .NET work (VB or C#), has experience of CSP ideas, and can work
on a contract in the next few months.

There are two roles, in fact:

 - a short term consultant with project planning experience, starting ASAP
for a week or two, pay about £35/hr

 - a more permanent programmer (poss >6 months), starting in a month or so,
pay to be determined.

The job involves specifying and writing multi-threaded .NET 2005 programs
with the J# JCSP libraries.

There is no office as such, so ideally you'll be able to work from home.

Contact me direct for more information.

Ruth Ivimey-Cook