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Re: lightweight coroutines in C (take 2)

Quoting Tom Locke <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> [Summary: this approach to lightweight threads puts a heavy penalty on
> sub-routine calls, and hence is no basis for a CSP kernel]

My intent was not suggest that the coroutine idea would provide a real basis for
a CSP kernel in C (we aleady have CCSP anyway). Rather, I wanted to share a
"neat hack" that could perhaps be used to emulate a CSP-like style of
programming - or at least to provide a new way of looking at sequential C. IMHO
it's interesting in the same way that the obfuscated C contest is - an
intriguing way to bend the rules or break the established paradigm, but not
exactly practical or useful in the real world. I apologize if my intent in
posting the original message was unclear.

> [Aside: A real lightweight thread mechanism for Python is available in
> Stackless Python, although Stackless is a somewhat marginal project. The
> PyPy project is building a new VM for Python which will also be
> 'stackless'. PyPy is a rather more serious project, with European
> (academic) funding]

Stackless was looking very interesting for a while, and I recall seeing some
indications that someone had pointed the main developer at Hoare's CSP text.
However, development seems to have slowed recently. Hopefully it will pick up
again soon.

Allan McInnes <amcinnes@xxxxxxxxxx>
PhD Candidate
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Utah State University