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RE: CELL processors considered interesting?

I have been away for a fortnight hence the delay in responding to this.

I obtained details of the CELL processors from this web site http://www.blachford.info/computer/Cells/Cell0.html

My impression was that it is of considerable interest for parallel processing but compared to the Transputer concept it lacks the simplicity of architecture of the Transputer.  One aim of the Transputer design was an attempt to build a low cost processing block that easily scaled to a large network.  I am not sure of the need for a Transputer concept in today's market but this CELL processor is much more complex compared with the Transputer.


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> Folks,
> The recent discussions about the IBM/Tosh/Sony CELL processor
> include a resume in New Scientist this month, a mention on Slashdot
> and in the blog of Intel's CEO. It seems to me that this new 
> architecture
> is actually an old one we know and love.
> Has anyone any thoughts?
> Ruth

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