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BibTeX Updates on wotug.org


Recently I have been doing a fair bit of work improving the wotug.org paper
database at http://www.wotug.org/paperdb, and in particular improving the
quality of the BibTeX and Refer export. (Look for the links BibTex and Refer
in the proceedings and paper info pages.)

I would appreciate it if you could provide feedback on (a) the usefulness
and (b) the correctness of these exports.

If you have any particular items on the wishlist please do express them

There are a number of links into this code, but there are two parts that
aren't linked at present: display all papers of proceeding in plain text
bibtex (show_proc.php?f=5) and display all papers of proceeding in plain
text bibtex (show_proc.php?f=6). There are links to display these things as
part of an html page. (show_proc?f=2 and show_proc?f=3). It is also possible
to list out bibtex or refer records for all papers in the database, but this
is currently admin-only.


WoTUG Webmaster