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RE: Chess in occam?

I have another nice student project - does someone want to write a
firewall in occam or CSP - as far as I can tell, it should be possible
to write a firewall where the behaviour is known and can be inspected.
This is totally unlike when MS Proxy 2 runs as part of SBS4.5, or even
ISA runs as part of SBS2000. Trying to deduce the order in which
facilities such as rules and publishing apply without a CSP model is
real difficult, especially as there is no documentation that gives a
decent flow.

I imagine that a firewall that can have its behaviour demonstrated well
and conform to the design may well have some good commercial prospects,
especially as a stand alone firewall (I use a Symantec hardware firewall
to protect SBS200 servers running ISA server in both my own installation
and my customers, and this has protected some systems that were
potentially vulnerable in some difficult circumstances. However, it is
the time and effort because there is no model of how the firewalls work
that are the bane of my life, and back in the SBS4.5 days, if I had a
CSP-like model or diagram I would have spotted the weaknesses
immediately, instead of after Digispid hit - yes, Microsoft's SBS4.5 had
Proxy 2, but unknown to anyone, all the server services actually
bypassed the proxy, and there were 200 open ports, some with default
services with default users and no passwords. Thankfully, they have
changed this a little now, but it is still impossible to figure out if
you actually have a vulnerability).

Tony Gore

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Can anyone give any pointers to Chess programs in occam? I have a 
student interested in doing something in occam.