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occam-com Web Archives. Test list available.


I am finally progressing the long-time action I've had of setting up a web-accessible archive of the occam-com mailing list. [Java-threads to follow].

1. Does anyone here have any problem with their posts being made available in this way? We have made it clear in various places for many years that an accessible archive was a goal, but should it be a problem I can delete posts by specific authors for dates in the past.

2. Does anyone have what they believe to be a (or reasonably) complete and unedited archive of the list? I have quite a lot of the mailings in my own archive, but it's been subject to some outages, and anyway I didn't start getting it till a few years ago.

I have put a test list on http://www.wotug.org/lists/occam with some mailings from the a couple of years ago (not up-to-date). There is a problem in the html formatting of the individual messages (the customization doesn't happen).

Have a look and let me know what you think, and how we should proceed.

In answer to the obvious question: Yes, I'll sort out java-threads ones occam-com is sorted.