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Hamid's reaction on Website blues... fixed

Friends in CSP,

Hamid Arabnia, the organiser of  The 2003 International Multiconference
in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, consisting of
15 Joint Conferences, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 23-26, 2003
responded to the mail I posted on the occam mailing list.

Since Hamid forgot to put the mailing list itself on the to: list, you could
not see his reaction. Therefore, I decided to quote his reaction here in

Hamid wrote the following response to my critism on 'ironically transputer'.

> I very much agree with Marcel.
> Hamid

He wrote this in reply to the following mail:

> Ruth:
> > The most popular search term to get to the site is,
> > ironically, "transputer".

> Ironically?
> I would say that all the concepts fundamental to the transputer are very much
> alive, and actually, all those concepts together is exactly what CPA stands for.
> Indeed, the T9000 transputer and its predecessors are dead.  So, physical
> instances of the traditional transputers are indeed dead.
> However, the concept "transputer" is very much alive.
> If I were you, I would adjust the website to make clear that this conference
> is about all concepts orginating from the transputer, and that those concepts,
> often a in evoluted form, have a considerable impact on today's Industrial
> Systems Development. Examples: Handel-C, Side-effect Free Interfaces,
> Advanced Component Based Development.

I hope Hamid's response has some impact on the 'marketing strategy' followed
by CPA and the mindset of us all.



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I very much agree with Marcel.