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Paper about (T)ALT on top of FSM machine?


I think I have implemented "occam" channel communication, ALT and timed ALT on top of a runtime
system for CSP, the runtime system implemented as a state machine scheduler, already in-house.

There is no "set up" or "tear down" of the ALT construct, as the transputer instructions (and SPoC) do.
The code for waitng for two channels and a timeout (in "Delta" in "ComsTime", waiting for an extra
producer called "Extra") would go like this:

CHAN_IN_ALT_F  (TRUE, a_chan, ContextPtr->input, S_EVENT_COMSTIME_DELTA_A,     &alt_taken);
CHAN_IN_ALT_F  (TRUE, e_chan, ContextPtr->input, S_EVENT_COMSTIME_DELTA_ALT_A, &alt_taken);

Is this interesting stuff? (I use "role change" and "grabbing", invented here??..)
Like trying to write a paper for submittal to CPA-2003 [1]?
If it's a known solution and done 8 times before I won't waste my/our/job/private time with it...

[1]  - CPA 2003: http://www.ce.utwente.nl/cpa2003/

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