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Re: No message for 6 months

Fred Barnes wrote:

We really need a new name for the extended occam language! ...


...but how about 'mocca', a refreshing alternative to Java?

Unfortunately, Mocha's been taken:

"mocca" was previously a project at UKC providing Motif bindings for
occam, timestamps around 07/1996 - 10/1997.  It has been used before
this however -- citeseer has a 1992 reference hiding away:

    Benford, S., et al.,
    MOCCA An Environment for CSCW Applications.
    1992, Centre for Research in CSCW, Lancaster University.

This has more recently (1999) become:

   MOCCA - A Distributed Environment For Collaboration

I'm a bit stuck for new names though..  "woccam" ? :o).  Or maybe
something more abstract, like "M*" or "O+".  "Db" (D-flat) is tempting,

What about a scottish flavour? och-aye  :-) Or maybe och-my...  , oh-my ...