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Re: WoTUG Web site news

I've got a macro file to improve the look+feel of the folding in vim.
(Slightly origami style.) Not yet really complete, but if anyone's
interested, just ask.


Fred Barnes wrote:
> Hi,
> > Just a note to say I've improved the web site again, with more on folding
> > editors, the specs for occam properly linked and listings for the virtual
> > channel router and TDS3 sources.
> On the subject of folding editors, vim >= 6 support folding using various
> methods (including markers).  [vim is Vi IMproved].  I've also got an
> occam syntax file for vim (incomplete, but gets most of the keywords).
> This will be sent along to the vim maintainer when more complete.
> The vim home page is:  http://www.vim.org/
> Cheers,
> -- Fred