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Re: News from a MS researcher

Forwarding from Tom Locke ...

From: "Tom Locke" <tablatom@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <java-threads@xxxxxxxxx>,
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Subject: Re: News from a MS researcher
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:18:40 -0400

> Given the current open call for mini projects from MSR cambridge to work
> on additions to the Common Language Runtime (CLR) I think we might have
> supporters and the opportunity to hit the big time.

To repeat a recent discussion I had with Peter Welch, I am convinced that
.NET and the CLR represent by far the best opportunity for getting a CSP
based language back in to the mainstream.

* In modern commercial languages, the API represents more development work
than the language itself. While the small CSP community may be able to build
a very nice language, it doesn't have a chance when it comes to augmenting
that language with a commercial grade API. Although I think the idea of an
entirely language neutral API is a nonsense, the .NET framework is the
nearest approximation we're likely to see for a long time.

* Although I haven't studied the CIL, it is designed to be language neutral,
so should be a good candidate for building a transputer style
threading/synchronisation kernel - e.g. KRoC for CLR. (much better than Java

* Microsoft are actively trying to back up their claim that .NET is a
multi-language platform. This is a rare and extremely potent PR opportunity.

* The backbone of .NET is web services. Web services and occam/CSP is a
match made in computing heaven.


Tom Locke. University of Kent