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JCSP Network Edition now available from Quickstone Technologies Limited.

          Announcement of the availability of

                 JCSP Network Edition
                     JCSP Toolset


            Quickstone Technologies Limited

Quickstone  Technologies  is  proud   to  announce  the 
availability of a fully  commercial version of the JCSP
concurrency library  for Java that  provides the  extra 
features and level of support that industry demands.  

Building on  work done  at  the  University of  Kent in
developing the  open  source  `base'  version of  JCSP, 
Quickstone  Technologies can  now  provide  a  complete 
professional quality  development package for JCSP that 
goes far beyond the freely available version.

Features of JCSP Network Edition include:

  * The *NEW* JCSP.net distributed computing and 
    networking framework.
    - Channels over Networks.
    - Default TCP/IP support,  but protocol independent
      architecture allows protocol `plug-ins':  Serial,
      Firewire and USB coming soon. 
    - ALTing over external channels.
    - Channel Name Broker Architecture.
    - Automatic  multiplexing   and  demultiplexing  of
    - Quality of Service support coming soon.
    - Automatic  class  loading  over  channels  allows
      real `mobile agents'.
    - Channel ends may be moved.
  * High Quality printable documentation in PDF format.
  * Optional fully bound documentation.
  * Full source code optionally available.
  * A range of comprehensive support options.
  * Flexible run-time licensing terms.
  * Academic discounts available.

The JCSP Toolset  is also now  available comprising the 
JCSP Compiler  which  allows  the  use  of  CSP-derived 
keywords  like  par,  alt,  channel  input  and  output 
operators in  Java  and  outputs  JCSP code or directly 
compiles  to .class files.  The second component of the 
JCSP Toolset is  The JCSP Server Builder;  a  graphical
utility to wrap existing objects in a channel interface
and also  to generate new  process  frameworks to speed
up development.

More products,  including  a  graphical IDE, a deadlock
analyser and  a  JCSP Micro Edition  for mobile devices
will be available soon.

For further  details  or to place an order, please call 
us/fax/email on:
Tel:   08700 101984 - (International +44 8700 101984)
Fax:   08700 557821 - (International +44 8700 557821)
Email: mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
www:   http://www.quickstone.com