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Firstly, apologies if you receive multiple copies of this mail.

I have produced a small leaflet advertising CPA 2002 and have attached it to this
mail in both A4 and Letter page sizes. I will also make it available from the CPA
2002 web page on wotug.org.

Assembling the leaflet is a case of printing the appropriate file and photocopying
the two pages onto a single sheet. If you have access to a duplex printer, you can
of course avoid the photocopying :-). Then, its a case of folding the leaflet twice
so that you have the title column on the front and the column with the `Important Dates'
and Conference Chair information on the back.

I appreciate that its time consuming, but I would be grateful if everybody could
advertise the conference by disseminating this leaflet as widely as possible.

Thanks very much,


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