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Sorry if the below comes across as self indulgent but...
Is anyone else bored of all this process algebra vs OO debate. I am sure 
we are all well versed in both and their pros and cons. 

It is not the topic so much as the level of arguement (not from anyone in 
particular I might add please I don;t mean to offend anyone) that I find 
is getting a bit 'dumbed down'.  Can't we collectively rant about 
something more subtle, interesting and possibly edifying like....

1) Dynamic object interactions: the need for dynamic alphabets and channel 
passing: pi&pict vav csp&occam
2) splitting the csp atom: opening up event atomicity in going from 
specification to implementation
3) Meta-csp: modeling imperative implementations using the visibility of 
ready sets and manipulating the fdr firing rules
4) MAXCHICKENS=3: Why do humans need to set the limits in CSP models, are 
there cases where FDR could work it out for a given subset of proofs?
(Can you see that it is the tension between mathematical cleaness and ease 
of commercial applicability that is most interesting to me)
5) How about Milner's bigraphs etc 

To date these distro's have had generally very high quality appends but I 
have recently started deleting some without reading for the first time in 
years and this makes me sad. 

I am not against free speech so of course feel free to continue the 
trashing & defense of OO if you like.....