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Re: Java IDE?

I guess I'm old-fashioned ... but I've never used an IDE for developing
Java stuff.  The whole JCSP library, for instance, is done using basic
JDK tools (i.e. javac) and a text editor.

It's not that I'm against IDEs.  INMOS produced one of the first ever IDEs
- for occam (initially OPS) and later for transputers (TDS).  These were
lovely!!  In fact, they weren't just an IDE but a whole (PC) operating
system ... and all programmed in occam.  It's probably that ambition that
was one too far ... they would have done better to create OPS as an IDE
that could be used from a standard OS.  Anyway, they abandoned IDEs
- just as the rest of the world started to accept them - and left us
with unbundled tools (compiler, linker, library manager etc.).

I think I was so upset about this that I've never tried an IDE since ...
maybe it's time to think about redoing OPS for occam ... written in occam,
of course, and using the KRoC (dynamic occam) extensions ...