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Another Helping of CPA ?

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Dear All,

After CPA last month, I was quite frankly left wanting more. Out of the numerous conferences
I have been to this year, none (with the exception of PDPTA) have stimulated my intellectual 
interests to this extent, socially it was excellent and attending didn't cost a

To this end, I would like to outline a possibility and put it to the committe for vote to see
if its a good idea. I have been thinking about holding a workshop at ICCS with the same scope 
as CPA to offer the community not only another chance to get together, but also another
publishing oppourtunity. Here are the plus points:

i) ICCS is offset approximately 6 months with CPA giving everybody a chance to move forward.
ii) ICCS is in Amsterdam this year, so this in itself offers a series of advantages:

        a) it should be relatively easy and inexpensive to attend for the Europeans
	   (esp. the Dutch folk)
        b) the beer will be excellent

iii) Proceedings are published by Springer (LNCS) so the work will enjoy a good dissemination.
iv) I have been involved with ICCS since its start and am on the PC, so we can do pretty much what-ever 
we like, that is, page limits are not a problem, doing tutorials / `special' sessions are also no problem.
v) The last point is in reply to the numerous CPA discussions on expansion. From this year onwards, ICCS 
is going to be home to the HPCN community but isn't offering a dedicated HPCN forum :-(. So, this may be a very 
good oppourtunity to showcase the sort of work WoTUG is doing, which (speaking as a new face with a 
background in networking) is very appealing.

Now, I am happy to give some time in co-ordinating the workshop, indeed I chaired one at ICCS last year. It may also
be appropriate to have a few of the Ph.D. students involved to give them a chance to see how this type of event is produced. 
The one thing that we need before we can start is *support*, that is, I need in the region of 10-15 offers for paper
submissions and say 4-5 offers for people willing to act as reviewers. So, if
there is enough interest, I am happy to go for it.

The tentative submission deadline for papers would be about the 17th December (but this may be extended later).

Let me know what your views are, but please reply quickly as the deadline for ICCS event submissions is 
approaching rapidly.

Thank you,

James Pascoe

Ps. The ICCS conference URL is: http://www.science.uva.nl/events/ICCS2002/

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