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Re: Objects, processes, and encapsulation


   Ian wrote:
   > All that I meant was that these guys might claim
   > that, in order to provide services, you still
   > have to respond to a request by executing a procedure

   Some years ago there was _much_ discussion about this
   in the J Consortium and Sun regarding real-time Java.
   The term was "ATC=Asynchronous Transfer of Control".

   Do _we_ have a missing channel here? Is the transputer
   model where hardware interrupt was just another channel
   good enough? It's the only concept we've got, except
   from polling on the input.

   I believe it's good enough, and never really understood
   the deeper meaning behind all the ATC thinking, but
   I wasn't sure if I had lost something...

   Just look in their specs, there's so much ATC talk:
   http://www.rtj.org/rtj.pdf - Sun
   http://www.j-consortium.org/ - J Consortium

   Yes, it's a good idea to know the answers.

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