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RE: Objects, processes, and encapsulation

Gerald and others

   Gerald, Your thread of words explaining objects, threads
   and processes have so much structure that I don't know
   whether you are contradicting yourself or not! If you
   are contradicting yourself, Gerald, your thread has
   even deadlocked, because the result of a contracdiction
   often is STOP..

   Still what you say seems so right. But something has
   become corrupted along the way of terms. Wittgenstein
   says that we can't get any longer on philosophy than
   our words can carry us (I think). Seems like we're
   there (where?)

   If you are right, I say, if - where does this place
   my CPA-2001 paper "From safe concurrent processes to
   process-classes?"? I was hoping it could carry a tiny
   millimeter longer, but it may be another STOP?

Still bewildered,

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