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Re: CPA: Where to publish?

>Well, I just happened to look at the September 2001 edition of Dr. Dobb's 
>From Johan...
>This is  a very popular magazine for the practical software engineer. If 
>you look at the article on 'Developing Scalable Distributed Applications' 
>immediately realize that we can do this and better.
Perhaps we should 'elect' someone to do this. Perhaps we should also 
mount co-ordinated 'strikes' in multiple locations, with distinct 
articles. We could use each article at least once. We should think in 
terms of at least one follow-up, or perhaps a series, right from the 

Can folk suggest magazines (lightweight) read by...
  - Windoze programmers
  - embedded systems programmers
  - project managers?
All non-volunteers one step back.

I'm happy to do one, if asked, but I know there are one or two others who 
could do it better. (It does need writing, as well as technical, skills.)

>"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."
>James Bond, "Tomorrow Never Dies"
I agree. Only the insane seem to succeed.


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