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Re: UML and concurrency: how to get started?

Jeremy, and others,

If you are truly interested in the development of complex
systems, you could have a look at the "4+1" views of software
architecture (Philipe Kruchten). Rational has taken this approach
and turned the idea into a workable solution. It is being succesfully
used for the development of large complex systems.

You will see that the Process View is present even at this level!!!

UML is just one of the techniques/tools that can be used to support
such approach. Rational -of course- pushes in that direction.

In my opinion: UML is non-essential. The Multi-View Concept is essential
for the development of complex systems. Many people have mentioned
the Process View as one of the Essential Views.

     CSP is much more Fundamental than UML or OO.

     Process Views have been recognized as crucial by numerous
     well-appreciated Architects.

I would like to see the CSP community Exploit This!


Jeremy Martin <j.martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> on 2001/09/04 14:26:11

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Subject:  UML and concurrency: how to get started?

It's been fascinating to follow this debate over the last few weeks. I was
interested by Jim saying that it has been a long time since he came across
anybody in industry who doesn't use UML. Well I work in industry now and I
don't use UML. But I think I'd like to find out more about it. Could
somebody recommend a good source of UML training material? I'd also really
like to follow that up by reading anything that Jim and his colleagues have
written linking CSP/FDR to UML.


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