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Re: Occam compiler using gcc

Denis, Ruth etc.

   Denis Nicole, implicitly (rightly) points out  that I didn't
   explicitly say that we are in fact using SPoC, and are in
   fact very satisfied with it. But I thought that
   "everybody" on this list new that.

   The reason another occam compiler would be interesting
   would be to get some more competition up. It'll be hard for
   Ruth to beat SPoC's portability etc.(?), and it would be
   nice, if ??oC came up, to see some more work, like bug
   fixes etc. being carried out on SPoC. And, being able
   to use either one of them, would be very nice. This would,
   I guess, give us 3 to choose from (KRoC, SPoC, ??oC).

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