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Re: Poison


Gerald wrote:
> 'Poisoning channels' will be supported by CTJ in the next upcoming
> revision.

I suppose you will also implement "Poisoning Processes" via the
exception handling mechanism.  Implementing this means introducing
a standard structure to distribute the poison as the moment the
exception is caught.

Is it possible to publish a paper named something like:
     "Experience with Graceful Termination in CTJ"   
in the CPA2001?  In my opinion, publishing such paper
requires at least trying it on a not-completely-trivial
piece of code.  I would say at least a dozen processes,
of which 30% is gracefully terminated, and for which a
new set of processes is installed.  It would be interesting
to see the absolute and relative number of lines of code,
to get an impression of the practical consequences of the
approach.  Furthermore, a list of recommendations would
be a useful conclusion.

What do you think?