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Re: Poison


I just read Peter's paper on Graceful Termination.  The distribution
of this paper via the www has at least gracefully terminated the
discussion. :-)

Peter writes in the "Final Comments" that conclude on the Graceful
Termination and Resetting:

  "... is a REAL REQUIREMENT for MOST SYSTEMS that have to operate
   in the REAL WORLD."
This is absolutely true.  Consequently, Graceful Termination is of
crucial importance to the acceptence of Java-CSP and Occam based
ideas to the real world.  If you can't provide termination, you
are a hardcore academic.

In my opinion, an important open issues is obtaining a solution.

I suggest:

   1. Implement A solution.
      Is the exception-handling-based implementation of Graceful
      Termination going to be implemented in the Java-based CSP
      Or something else?
      Maybe try something in Occam?

   2. Investigate the practical consequences of the solution.
      Aren't there better solutions?
      How does this fit with industrial standards?
      Expect some improvements, and implement it.