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RE: Java Live | January 9, 2001

Hi Gerald,

> I am working on a UML/CSP model, which clarifies the ideas behind
> the occam/CSP model in their own way of thinking. The result of this work
> is astonishing, it improves concurrency in the UML in an elegant way,
> it also formalises concurrency in the UML, and code-generation becomes
> very straightforward. This takes at least three flies in one strke :-).
> Oh yes, it also shows that the concepts of CSP are very very OO.
> Oops, another fly killed! :-).

Excellent!  I've also been pretty puzzled by UML.  Its diagrams never
tell me the key things I need.  For occam/CSP/JCSP/CTJ, all I've ever
drawn are the data-flow network diagrams - layers of them.  It shows us
all the players in the system and how they relate to each other.  And it
maps 1-1 with the CSP code structures we write - in whatever language.

Is it those diagrams you are adding into UML?  An excellent trick!  Next
time I show such things, I shall claim that they're just UML and all the
OO people will sit up nicely ;-)