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Re: Software fault forces Ford recall

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Subject: RE: Software fault forces Ford recall

> Hi
> >
> > > So my assertion is that the hard part is agreeing on the
> > new grammar.
> > > The easy part is implementing it.
> >
> My personal vote would be Java.  IMHO, the main thing wrong
> with CTJ/JCSP is that CSP is tacked on as a library which
> *may* be used correctly.  Checking should be added to the
> compiler.  It won't be Java anymore, but if the code runs
> on the JVM, it won't matter.

Depends on your viewpoint.

I think you're correct that the "ideal language" is what you need for your
favourite project.

However there are narrow windows of opportunity to adopt a new programming
language for large projects. For a two year project with 10 engineers you
might have only a 3 month window (if you're lucky) in which to decide to use
a new language. A library can be adopted into only part of a major project
and lay a framework for the adoption of CSP technology into the next

So from my viewpoint: IMHO, the main thing right with CTJ/JCSP is that CSP
is tacked on as a library which may be used correctly.

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