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Re: Folding editors etc.

Greetings - now that exams are over...

I started several students on occam in 1984-5 or so - all of them
liked the folding editor very much and quickly became very adept at
moving rapidly around large programs using open, close, up, down,
etc. (No complaints about the indentation either - except from 
old CS professors.)

There did appear to be one drawback: when watching over a student's
shoulder as he was explaining his code (with fingers flying over the
keypad), I found that I quickly became completely disoriented and 
would have no idea where in the code he was. (And vertigo would start
to set in about this time.)

We need some graphical means of indicating just where we are in a
folded system at any time; this seems like something some clever
undergraduate could work out.


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