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Re: Software fault forces Ford recall

Adrian's discussion of people's reasons for disliking
occam syntax was, I thought, excellent. Isn't it
really a non-problem, in the sense that a preprocessor
could take in C-looking input and output standard
   (1) Indentation could be replaced by end-of-block
symbols .
   I used to use --END SEQ and similar a lot, to clarify
depth of multiple indentations.
   (2) C-to-occam translation, like curly bracket for
SEQ and close curly bracket for --END SEQ
   Something special for PAR... ? 
   (3) Semicolons to replace newlines, etc.
There are many other details of course, but that would
fix the most obvious visible differences. 
   I am in total agreement on fold editors. Those who
object to them haven't used them (or don't write
structured code). I rarely use any other.
   Larry Dickson