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Re: Software fault forces Ford recall

In article <B5E23EA04391D311B5C900A0C9D62B570A1B76@aspenserver> on Fri,
15 Dec 2000, Tony@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes
>Automotive software

Thanks Tony, a very interesting article.

>One day soon, there will be a terrible disaster claiming many lives, that
>will eventually be put down to unsafe software. Suddenly there will be a
>clamour for a safe programming language. This is where I think that the
>market opportunity for a successor to occam will exist.

Almost everyone I know that dislikes Occam says that syntax is their
biggest problem with it. All of that LOUD text and the fact that
indentation is a big part of the syntax. The other thing most people
hated at University was being forced to use a folding editor.

Now while I have always liked these aspects of Occam, I have felt for a
long time that what Occam really needed was a C like syntax. With a few
changes to the syntax I feel that Occam 3 rebranded as something like
Par-C could actually make some headway out of academia.

Take care,

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