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RE: (now completed) Slides from my talk at CPA2000

> On Wednesday, here at Kent, I gave a much more complete talk 
> about the 
> problems I have with OO, and my proposed CSP-based 'better component 
> oriented language'.

I wish I'd been there  to hear your talk in person. (Either one of them!)

> 	http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk/people/rpg/tsl2/broken-promises.pdf
> I look forward to your comments! 

Having looked at your slides, I like the thinking.  I do, however,
have some misgivings.  Perhaps one of the theoretical types can
comment on this, maybe set me straight. But it seems to me that
CSP lacks the power to describe an object passing through a pipe.
The problem is that it's not much of an object if you have to sever
its existing channel connections before sending it.

What little I know of the pi-calculus seems better adapted to this 
style. Now thats not bad, maybe its time to go beyond CSP. Perish
the thought ;)