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Re: CommsTime times?

I have some up-to-date benchmark information for the libcsp CSP-on-Posix-threads library. Not surprisingly, these
figures are less impressive than the more direct approaches for implementing CSP (notable Kroc, CCSP and CTC++). That is
to be expected because libcsp provides generality rather than performance.

The following benchmark run was on Solaris 2.7 on an Sparc Ultra 10 250MHz:
> time ./commstime 1000000 1
Finished 1000000 loops.
Time per loop = 645us
Context switch = 80.6us

real    10m45.464s
user    5m15.820s
sys     5m27.940s

The same machine running occam (Kroc 0.9b with Peter Welch's benchmark) for 10E7 iterations:
Last value received = 10000015
Time = 12959496 microsecs
Time per loop = 1295 nanosecs
Context switch = 161 nanosecs

The Kroc version is 500 times faster per loop.

Both cases are for the sequential delta, rather than the parallel delta.
Versions: libcsp v0.4 (which has an improved channel algorithm compared to the version reported at the CPA2000
conference in September).
Kroc 0.9b (Solaris) (the 1.2.3 version doesn't appear on the website yet - any chance of this happening soon?)


See http://www.beton.freeserve.co.uk/libcsp/
Libcsp is covered by the LGPL licence.

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