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Re: Priority revisited: a new primitive

>A look at Stallings' "Operating Systems" gives us methods such as:
>   * fixed priority scheduling
>   * earliest-deadline scheduling using completion deadlines
>   * earliest-deadline scheduling using unforced idle times
>   * first-come first-served
>   * rate monotonic scheduling
>and this is not a complete list by a long way.
>Note that priority is just one of many ways to control scheduling (and in
>Stallings' example it is one that FAILS to meet the requirements).
>It appears that you can't have a correct program that DOES depend on
I have complete faith in Physics and Engineering texts, but very, very 
little in those on software. There, I prefer to draw my own conclusions...

Still believe that priority offers the best description that omits 
hardware dependency.

PS Confess I currently lack a scheduling algorithm that yields the time 
to read all your submissions.

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