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Re: Inheritance that can add/remove and new occam?


Oyvind wrote:
>   Marcel wrote:
> > I get the impression that your approach is wrong in the first
> > place... no offence...  or... I guess you are trying to do
> > dynamic stuff, whereas Occam isn't dynamic...
>   As I have "proved" earlier: occam is more "dynamic" than some people
>   here like to believe. And no, of course my approach is not wrong:
>   it's basic Darwinism:-] I live by this, and have to reuse things!
>   And the old functionality isn't always 100% what I want now,
>   but I do want the _same_ source files (although modified, with
>   side-effects into old user, probably bad, but yes, I live by it!)
>   (I know, Darwinism is debatable!)

Sure, us "industrialists" have to live with what we have got...

Or: make a revolutionary change into a direction that is proven to
    be A LOT better, and have a lot of money.