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Re: Blackhole mailing list issues

"P.H.Welch" wrote:
> I have been archiving the traffic on these lists in Unix "mailx" folders.
> I have a perl script, written by a friend at Kent who is a bit busy right
> now, that nearly produces a decent web archive with threaded themes:
>   http://www.cs.ukc.ac.uk/projects/ofa/java-threads/history.html
> That only goes as far as October 1999.  It's slightly broken, which is why
> it's not being kept up to date and the occam-com archive has not been set up.

Is this closed access? I sometimes say things on this list that are not
intended for public consumption including jokes or wry comments that
might well be misunderstood or cause offense outside the context of our

If anyone can read this archive, I would want to be more careful about
what I say. I might even reconsider sending my ideas on "safe pointers
in occam"... 

Dr A E Lawrence