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Re: Priority revisited: a new primitive

Barry said...
>My difficulty is that I'm not sure priority is the right concept. My
>thought-experiment example is that I'm not so much concerned that I can
>check whether shutting down a nuclear reactor gets priority over
>game-playing, but that I can do it within 30seconds.
>Therefore I would like the specification to include what is really important
>(very often a response time [important for games, too]) - and I would leave
>priority as a mechanism the compiler/system could employ, if appropriate.
I actually take the other view. IMHO it's PRIORITY that's fundamental. 
Real time I regard as an implementation issue. Prioritization can yield 
the best that can be done, leaving the dev tools to let you know how long 
things take on any specific platform etc.

Partly, this is political, and reflects my loathing of deadlines, which 
to me seem a marvellous way of passing the blame downwards and evading 
responsibility at higher levels. But maybe that's just my inate inability 
to accept authority...


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