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Re: A path for CSP-based Solutions towards HUGE Industrial Success.


I am very sympathetic to what you have been posting.  I have seen for years
(decades!) industry (and academic computer scientists) react in the way you
describe when presenting them with core CSP design, verification and
implementation principles and the tools from which the solutions they need
can obviously be built.  They won't pick it up though because:

  o CSP is "different" to what people are used to ... presumably large serial
    designs, threads-and-locks or passive structures kicked around by
    call-backs ...
  o CSP is remembered from college days - if at all - as some pretty hard
    maths ...
  o although most things are an admitted "mess", we're "getting by" ... and,
    anyway, our customers don't know anything can be done about it ...
  o CSP, because it's not the norm, is "high risk" ... unlike what we're
    doing at the moment ...

All the above I have been told so many times by so many people over so many
years - including very recently by senior decision makers in one rather large
and influential technology provider.

BUT ... we're wearing them down!  I am optimistic that a whole bunch of
circumstances means that resistance, as they say, will soon be futile.
Now - much more than the mid 1980s when appication needs/ambitions were
much lower - would be the time to launch transputer and associated software
and hardware technologies.  The applications really do need them.

So, maybe we should stop giving away solutions on a plate and start *selling*
them instead.  They'll take that seriously!  Who wants to be a millionaire?