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rewriting CSP processes

Hi All

I've a CSP question. The words around the mathematics
talk about "events" being instantaneous transactions that
are handshaken (both the Roscoe and Schneider books 
use those terms).  In real life, that's not possible.  Handshaking 
protocols don't execute in zero time, and signals don't
propagate instantly.  Is there anything in the CSP literature
that deals with this problem?

It seems that you could re-write any set of CSP processes
in terms of lower level processes.  For example, a shared
event at the macro level would be re-written as a set of
events at the micro level, where the hand shaking would be 
implemented as micro-processes (Ignore that pun).  At some
point you get to logic gates that intrinsically respond to
"events" at their input terminals.

My question is, what are the minimum properties of the
micro-level and the re-writing process to guarantee that
CSP properties hold at the macro level?  Its the kind of
thing that seems likely to have been dealt with in the
theoretical literature, but I haven't seen it.  Any light
would be appreciated. -jc