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Re: Synchronous Communication = Swap

M_Boosten wrote:
> Adrain wrote:
> > 2) A CSP event can involve any number of processes, not just two.
> If I remember it correct, if process A, B, and C are all "responsive"
> to event "x" then, when performing "x", each of them waits for the others
> to also perform "x".
> In other words, event "x" is practically some kind of barier
> synchronization.
> This automatically brings me to the following suggestion:
>   1. The barier synchronisation should be the basic CSP-lib primitive.

Not quite sure what that means, but I suppose the analogy is with BSP.
But a process that is internally interleaving could continue to "make 
progress" while waiting for the joint event, and that doesn't seem to be
a "barrier".

And I don't think that this fits at all with the sorts of thing we do in
hardware compilation.

Yes, CSP can capture "barrier synchronisation" , but it doesn't seem to
be fundamental. No objection to have a library component to do this sort
of thing if it is useful, but again I don't think that show be a
specially distinguished component. Or am I missing the point?


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