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"No aliasing = no garbage collection"

After CPA 2000 I have some questions:

   Tom Locke (PhD student au UKC) said something like "if we 
   remove aliasing, we also remove garbage collection, because
   we will not have non-parental objects floating around."

   A somewhat weaker predicate might be "if we have aliasing
   under control, GC may also be under controll, in a predictive
   way." Is this true? Objects would still be taken from the
   heap, the heap would still be fragmented and a need to 
   defragment it would arise? Or could objects be taken from
   the stack (possible in RT-Java) in that case? 

   (The background is that even if occam does not allow any
   form of aliasing, a "new" occaom+OO would allow some, like
   for containment, doubly linked lists etc.)


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