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RE: Enschede

Dear Adrian,

We would like to let you know that the Twente group is all right. Those of
us who live in Enschede and around Enschede have heard the enormous
explosion and fortunately no one of us was hurt or involved with the
terrible disaster. The smoke was enormous and in the city many windows were
broken (glass was spread across the streets) by the blast. The damage in
that area is unthinkable as you saw on TV, it's like a war zone, and we
expect many more casualties.

Thank you very much for your concern,

The Twente group.
Andy, Jan and Gerald.

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> Sorry if this is off topic, but I guess we would all want
to wish our
> friends at Twente and their neighbours in Enschede well. It would be
> good to know that none of the Twente group were hurt.
> Adrian
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> Dr A E Lawrence