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New KRoC/Linux release (1.2.2)

A new release of KRoC for Linux PCs (version 1.2.2) is now available from:


This has several bug fixes and a socket library (new) that uses the support
introduced in the previous release for making blocking system calls that
do not block the occam kernel.  That socket library is used to build the
demonstration web server running the experimental site at:


The occam web server source code is not in the new KRoC release, but will
be made avaliable from the above site shortly.  The site reports benchmark
performance figures for the occam server using the Apache benchmark code.
Comparative figures for ocweb and Apache running on the same host are included.

The entire source code for the KRoC release is part of the release - you
have to build it locally.  All source codes are released under the Gnu GPL
(or L-GPL) licences.

Peter Welch.