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CSP & Object orientation


Reply to a letter on "java-threads"

Could I possibly sent Johan the paper that I submitted to WoTUG-23,
and which I plan to resubmit with some modifications?

Having them read it, will it preempt my planned future
submission, provided it's kept closed in a way? Could they only be
considered as "readers"?

I guess I expect Peter to reply to this one..

It's called

             CSP: arriving at the CHANnel island
               Industrial practitioner's diary: 
                 In search of a new fairway

Abstract. This paper is a non-academic hands-on log of practical experiences

of software engineering problems, where the process leading to the decision 
to use CSP to program real-time systems is on trial. A new and hopefully 
objective decision process is instigated. What we have previously learnt by 
using CSP in embedded real-time process control is used as subjective bias 
for the new process. The conclusion seems to be that CSP should be 
sufficiently future-proof to justify its use even in new projects. The term 
"CSP" is here used as shorthand for both the CSP language proper and 
different implementations of subsets.