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Re: Next WoTUG conference (the 23rd.)

On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, P.H.Welch wrote:

>Marcel asked:
>> ps2. When and where is the next WoTUG conference?
>We've had to re-schedule I'm afraid.  WoTUG-23 will now be at the University
>of Kent in September - more precisely:
>  Sunday, 10th. September (evening meal) through Wednesday, 13th. (lunch)
>Ruth Ivimey-Cook is working wonders for the web pages and I need to stop
>posting to these lists and do final edits on them!  I'll make a formal

Talking of which, I'd like to solicit reaction to the web site as it currently
stands. It is currently hosted on http://wotug.ukc.ac.uk/ but this may/will
change in the *near* future (hopefully to http://www.wotug.org) so don't
bookmark without due thought!

One issue in particular: the main index page uses a graphic-less sidebar --
that is, it's all plain text -- while most others use graphic images of text
(e.g. News, if you're not sure). The text-only style is easier for me, and
quicker to download, but the graphic is more predictable. If you have a
preference, can you let me know?

Responses, suggestions and especially old papers/abstracts we can include to
To: Ruth.Ivimey-Cook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Cc: rivimey@xxxxxxx please.