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Re: Name Change for WoTUG?

On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 12:45:48PM +0100, Oyvind Teig wrote:
> I'm resending the list (B-I) in Brian's letter of 8Nov99, wrapped up
> in new context (A is the one Jim mentioned). I believe that we
> have agrren upon keeping "WoTUG", only with new semantics:
> A: WoTUG: The Communicating Sequential Process Architecture conference.
> B: WoTUG: The Communicating Concurrent Processes conference. 
> C: WoTUG: The Distributed Processing conference.
> D: WoTUG: The Concurrent Systems Engineering conference.
> E: WoTUG: The Communicating Sequential Process Engineering conference.
> F: WoTUG: The International Conference on conference. 
>               Communicating Process Architecture conference. 
> G: WoTUG: The Robust Communicating Programming conference.
> H: WoTUG: The Communicating Process Architecture conference.
> I: WoTUG: The Concurrent Process Architecture Group conference.

I vote for H. Although we pay a lot of lip service to CSP and it is our
inspiration, the technical aspects haven't figured strongly in many of our 
meetings, and we don't want to exclude Robin Milnor's calculus of mobile
processes. Or anything else which is even better that happens to come along.
No I don't know of any at present, but we don't want to lock ourselves into
a narrow corner.